DEWATERING Enterprise Co., Ltd. evolved from a machine manufacturing company in 1987. Our superior manufacturing capability has become our prime backbone in project delivery. Since 1993, we have devoted in the development, design and manufacturing of wastewater treatment equipments, water purification equipment and industrial processing equipments.

Solids separation of sludge handling is our core focus based on the developments of our legendary press filter and belt filter press technologies. Under the DEWATERING™ trademark, DEWATERING has successfully delivered our equipments and system to serve many sectors, including municipality, diary, textile, food processing, and various industries, and continues to commit the highest standards in project delivery. Our service and products has been widely applied in Asia and internationally.

Project innovations, problem-solving solutions, and engineering add-on values are fundamental strategies in project delivery. In conjunction with research institutes and in-house expertise, our R&D activities have possessed a number of patents in US, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan, with innovative developments of belt filter press, continuous-backwash filtration, packing media and aeration diffuser. We are committed to continuing the delivery of state-of-the-art water/wastewater treatment equipment under the DEWATERING™ trademark directly to end users or contractors. We are making the DEWATERING™ products and solutions to become the best choice in your water and wastewater projects.

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